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We are now taking applications for the 2015-2016 OnStage Playhouse Charles K. Nichols Internship Program.

High School students who are entering their Sophomore-Senior year and local College freshmen may apply. Please be aware that this is a FREE theatre arts training program which will begin in September (2015) and run through July (2016).

Interns will attend bi-weekly "production meetings", theatre design/performance workshops, and local theatre productions. Interns will have the opportunity to write/perform/produce their own work throughout the season.

Please send the following information (and any questions you may have in regard to the program) to by September 7, 2015.
·School Attending (2015-2016):
·Grade (2015-2016)
·Phone Number
·A list of theatre experience (or resume)
· A brief description of yourself and your interests as well as an explanation of why you would like to take part in the OnStage Playhouse Internship Program.
·One letter of recommendation from a teacher or community leader (No family/friends please)

“This year, as an intern, I have learned more about myself than I ever learned at any school. It made me aware of the spiritual/internal side of theatre, the intellectual/analytical side of theatre and the visceral side of theatre. I have learned the importance of bravery in art. I always thought that being genuine in the arts was essential, but here I learned how to do that. Now I have to cultivate it. I learned to write with the purpose of expressing and communicating rather than with the purpose of structure. I found how to reach my emotions and how to invest myself in my craft without caring for the outside world. This year made me see where art begins.” – Fedra Ramirez (2013-2014)

"The Onstage Intern program has opened up so many doors for me. I have been exposed to incredible people and projects in the San Diego theater community. The Internship has been an invaluable experience, and has given me a safe place to grow as an artist and an actress for the past three years. My fellow interns inspire and encourage me. Being surrounded by like-minded, creative people has helped me foster my own ideas. Anyone with a passion for some aspect of theater will find the internship to be fulfilling. It's a lot of fun, a lot of theater, and a lot of creativity."
– Jewell (2008-2011)

"My time as an intern with the Charles K. Nichols program has been in many ways indescribable; the only word that comes to mind being invaluable. As a student fresh out of high school and looking to for different experiences rather than rushing off to college it allowed me to tap further into my creative side whilst still learning valuable lessons that were theatre based but life inclusive.”
– Dempsey Davis (2011-2012)